Snow Days vs. AMI Days for Inclement Weather

Snow Days and AMI Days for Inclement Weather

In the event of inclement weather, Northwest has the option of calling a snow day or an AMI (Alternative Method of Instruction) day. A snow day is a day in which all district buildings are closed. On snow days, students and teachers do not have to log in. AMI are "virtual" days. Buildings are closed, but students learn at home with assignments provided by their classroom teachers. 

Based upon the results of the AMI vs. Snow Day survey sent in October, when faced with inclement weather, Northwest will likely use a combination of traditional snow days and AMI days. Currently, Northwest plans to use three snow days before implementing an AMI day. The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education states that schools are allowed to have no more than 36 AMI hours in a single school year, which equals five days of school in our district.

Other circumstances, such as the timing of the weather event and the forecast, will always play into the decision. Northwest will notify families via our communication channels (phone, text, email, website, social media) if it is a snow day or an AMI day. On an AMI day, students will receive instructions from their teachers about how to access and complete the day's assignments.

For more information, please call 636-677-3473.