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Six NHS Students Publish Literary Work in 2018-19 Academic Year

Four of the six published writers from Northwest High School Six Northwest High School students have had or will have poems published during the 2018-19 academic year. Ciaara Abke, Caleb Broeker, Lindsay Calvin, Aspen Hildebrand, Hannah Krebbs, and Hayley Sorg are students of Robert Atchisson, English and Creative Writing teacher. A few of the students offered comments on their work and their love of writing.


Caleb’s work is  Sunflower Boy, which will be published in both text and audio forms, by Body Without Organs magazine. Sunflower Boy is about Caleb’s struggle with body image, and uses plant-related metaphorical language that adds to the overall interest of the work.


“I love the ability to express and create something that is entirely in your hands, and how you can make an entire vivid story and world with just your words,” he said. “I love coming up with new concepts for poems.”  


Caleb enjoys tying images and words together.


“Another poem I wrote, called Painting Restoration, focuses on the materials used for painting and painting as a whole. Playing around with different concepts is a really fun way to test out your writing skills - finding striking sentences or phrases that evoke a powerful image is how a lot of my poems start.”


Aspen Hildebrand’s The Beginning of Something Wonderful is in the process of being published on Amazon. Aspen is also a top 21 finalist for the Beverly Hopkins Memorial Scholarship.


I have always wanted to write poetry, especially about my life events,” she said. “Creative writing has given me the actual push to write and publish my work.” She added, I love that I have the ability to get my emotions across to my readers by using very few words. I like sharing my thoughts and emotions with others that also have an open mind.”


Hannah Krebbs has two pieces published, Peyton  and Explore ,both published in Harness Magazine. She also has a self-published book through Amazon KDP called Petals.


Hannah said that Peyton was written in honor of her younger sister. Explore was inspired by times in which she had been taken advantage, as well as heartbreak, saying “When people are a part of your life for a while, and then randomly leave...they end up taking a part of you with them.”


Hannah has been writing since she was in elementary school. She said she would enter competitions, but would never win. However, she never stopped trying, and that drive and determination is beginning to show dividends. Her love of writing is apparent.


“One thing that I absolutely love about writing is the fact that I can write about whatever I want. If I want to get feeling off my chest I can. If I wanted to tell a story I can. It kind of opens a door for me into a world that I control, and I absolutely love it.”


Youth was written by Hayley Sorg, and was published in Harness Magazine. . Hayley said that when writing the poem, she had to think about the things in which she is most passionate and how to express these things to her audience.


“What I love about writing is that it allows others to feel the same emotions I feel and can relate to,” she said.


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Lindsay Calvin, Aspen Hildebrand, Caleb Broeker, Hannah Krebbs. Not pictured: Ciaara Abke and Hayley Sorg