• Interested in volunteering?

    If you are interested in volunteering in one or more of the Northwest School District's buildings, please contact Chris Somervell at 636-677-3473.

    All school volunteers that follow a regular schedule or are left unsupervised with students must complete a background check (FBI). This background check will ensure the safety and security of our students, which is our top priority. Please note, volunteers may not work in any school until the background check has been received by the District. 

    Volunteers will obtain an application for the background check from the Human Resource Department at the Administrative Offices located at 4290 Gravois Rd, House Springs, Missouri. The volunteer will be responsible for obtaining and completing all necessary paperwork.

    Volunteers will be required to pay for the background check.  However, the District will reimburse volunteers for the cost of the background check upon completion of 10 days of volunteering. A time log sheet will be included in the paperwork.  The building must verify the time log before reimbursement will be processed.  Completed and verified time logs should be returned to the Human Resource Department for processing.

    Remember, only regular volunteers, such as tutors, parent readers, office workers, library workers, etc. that follow a regular schedule or are left unsupervised with students will be required to have a background check. Infrequent volunteers, such as field trip chaperones, classroom party parents, etc. would not be required to have a background check.

  • Guidelines for Volunteers

    Volunteering in the District is a privilege. The Board, superintendent, principal, or designee may terminate or decline the services of a volunteer for any reason.  It is the responsibility of the building principal or designee to approve all screened volunteers to be placed in his/her building. Teachers may select and organize chaperones, unless otherwise directed by the principal. 

    Volunteers will provide support services but are not substitutes for the professional staff. Volunteers will work under the direction and supervision of District and building staff. Screened volunteers who may be left alone with a student will have an employee contact person or supervisor to monitor activities with the students.