Special Education Department

  • The Northwest High School Special Education Department strives to provide support to students, parents, and to foster achievement of meaningful outcomes for students with disabilities. We provide this support by leading with integrity, building positive relationships, making student-driven decisions, and maintaining high expectations for all students.


    Children differ in mental abilities, sensory development, physical traits, emotional or social behaviors, or communication skills. Some may require modification to their school program or special education and related services in order to benefit from their schooling.


    The Northwest R-I School District has set high standards and expectations for all children attending our schools. The district is working to:

    • improve student achievement scores on statewide assessments
    • reduce drop outs and increase graduation rates
    • improve the preparation of students for their post-secondary life, whether that be a chosen vocation
    • or continued education upon graduation.


    These high expectations have been set for all children, including those with disabilities.  The district needs your assistance and involvement in reaching these goals for your child.  As the parent of a child with a disability, you will participate in many meetings, working alongside school personnel in planning the special educational services and supports that your child needs.