Industrial Technology Department


    Industrial Technology education at Northwest High School encompasses a broad-based program that teaches and reinforces academic skills, promotes the student level of technical competence, develop foundation skills such as problem solving, critical thinking, and individual responsibility, as well as expand the students’ career awareness and employability.   Like science or mathematics, Industry Technology involve the use of complex terminology and symbols to communicate.  To obtain competence in technology it is necessary to gain literacy with these terms and symbols.  Problem solving, critical thinking and cognitive development are all skills which have measurable results. 

    Student engagement and persistence improve with an emphasis on discovery and an ability to stimulate a variety of learning styles, Industrial Technology courses nourish enthusiasm and motivation for learning. Industrial Technology education also teaches discipline, the value of sustained effort to achieve desired results, and the tangible rewards of hard work. All these factors encourage higher attendance, develop socialabilty, self-esteem, and motivate a desire for excellence.