GRAD Center

  • What does GRAD stand for?

    Getting Real About Dipolomas


    Who does the GRAD Center help?

    The GRAD Center started as a resource for students who did not have an IEP or 504 plans but required additional assistance completing course work.  It was later combined with the Resource room to provide tutorial help to both regular education and special education students.   Students must have a hall pass from their current hour teacher to work in the GRAD Center.  Students may also come in after/school.  


    The GRAD Center is also utilized by students who have been placed on out-of-school suspension.  The Center serves as a location where the student may obtain assistance on assignments or take quizzes and tests.  


    What does the GRAD Center offer students?

    1. A walk-in, teacher assisted, learning center (students come in hour-by-hour on an as needed basis; there are no permanent passes to GRAD except for A+ Tutors)
    2. A learning environment with a smaller teacher to student ratio 
    3. A safe learning environment with an atmosphere conducive to learning
    4. Access to a variety of instructional resources for conducting research and completing course work
    5. Knowledgeble certified teachers:
      1. two teachers in 1st hour (Math and Special Ed)
      2. two teachers in 4th hour (Math and English)
      3. the other hours are staffed with a teacher that has a strong math background and an A+ tutor