• Students at Northwest High School have fun exploring literature and language during their four years of required English courses. Students in our language arts classes develop strong critical thinking skills by learning how to interpret and analyze a variety of texts, and they also gain effective writing skills and techniques for engaging and persuading readers. We offer core, college prep, and advanced placement courses in addition to a variety of literary arts electives.


    Our course offerings allow for a lot of choice, including exciting English electives such as Creative Writing and Mythology.  Students have many paths to earning the four required English credits for graduation.  Students experience reading passages and activities that stimulate their thinking and increases their ability to comprehend the more complex texts required for college and careers.  Literature helps stimulate the imagination, improve thinking skills, and enhance vocabulary development - a process that helps students develop not only a love of literature but also the necessary skills for communicating effectively in college and careers.  Students also gain a greater understanding of the writing process.  They hone their writing skills as they compose a variety of literary works.