Encore Department

  • Exploratory courses are important for young adolescents because they ensure hands-on, participatory, meaningful, and engaging experiences.  Enrichment and exploration are an important part of Northwest Valley Middle School's curriculum.  Encore courses at the middle school level includes performing arts, visual arts, Gateway to Technology, Google, Family and Consumer Sciences, and physical education/health.    


    Exploratory programs also build interest.  Interest-based electives are part of what makes the middle grades experience special.  For the first time, students have a choice of which classes to take. They also begin to exercise autonomy while exploring personal interests and possible career choices.


    Together, these classes and the core subjects taught in the regular classroom provide our students with a well-rounded middle school experience and give them the best start for a 21st century education. Our goal is to connect teaching and learning across the curriculum in order to develop students into life-long learners. Please browse our special area pages for what is happening in each encore area.