• Welcome to Valley Middle School!


    Students in middle school have unique academic, social, and emotional needs. It is our mission to empower our students to achieve academic success as well as help them learn to grow socially and emotionally in a safe environment. We are dedicated to easing the transition from elementary to middle school, and as well as preparing our students to be successful leaders in high school and beyond. Ultimately, we are devoted to guiding our students on their journey to become lifelong learners.


    At VMS we offer rigorous academic programs that are designed to challenge our students. All students have the opportunity to take Algebra in the 8th grade and earn high school credit. In addition, we offer multiple courses to enhance our learner's experiences in school. Students may take band, choir, physical education or family and consumer science courses. VMS is also a Project Lead The Way middle school offering courses in both Biomedical and Engineering.


    We all know that not every student learns at the same pace. Therefore, at VMS we offer aditional support for our students academically. These extended learning opportunities are for students who are stuggling in Math and ELA, as well as support services for both English Language Learners and students with Learning Disabilities.


    Empower, Lead and Learn. These are the three pillars that we build everything around at VMS. As a Leader In Me school, our commitment to building positive relationships helps provide a safe environment where students are able to grow socially and emotionally.


    If you have any questions about Valley MIddle School, please feel free to contact me at (636) 671-3470 or by email at nhuffman@northwestschools.net.