CPR CLASSES  Open to Staff and Community

    CPR SCHEDULE FOR 2017-2018

    Locations to be announced by August 15, 2017 

    09-12-2017    Valley Middle School             3pm    Extension   14722 
    10-10-2017    Maple Grove Elementary       4pm    Extension    19709 
    11-14-2017    House Springs Elementary    4pm    Extension    15701
    12-12-2017    Cedar Springs Elementary     4pm    Extension   17709
    01-09-2018    High School                          3pm    Extension   18709
    02-13-2018    Brennan Woods Elementary   4pm    Extension   11709
    03-13-2018    Woodridge Middle School       3pm    Extension   12709
    04-10-2018    Murphy Elementary               4pm    Extension   10709
    05-01-2018    High Ridge Elementary          4pm    Extension   13709
    MUST sign up for CPR with School Nurse  in Building where the CPR class will be held.   CPR course cost is $10.00 (cash only) 

    Here's a short video to help you decide if learning CPR is right for you: