After I elect my benefits during Open Enrollment, when do they become effective?  October 1st - please note that your September paycheck will reflect your October benefits (we pay our premiums a month in advance).  Our plan year is from October 1st - September 30th.

    All annual deductibles and maximum out of pocket expenses are based on a calendar year.

    How do I notify the school district when I have a new address, phone number, or have a new last name? Click here to go to TalentEd  Once you have logged on to TalentEd, find "Forms" to complete a Change of Status Form.

    Remember, your elections cannot be changed outside of a new hire enrollment or Open Enrollment without a qualifying life event change (including but not limited to: Marriage, Divorce, Birth/adoption of a child, change in dependent status, death of spouse, or employment status change for you or your spouse).  Click here for more information regarding a Qualifying Event.

    As a new hire, when will my benefits begin?  Classified Staff - Benefits will begin on the 61st day from first day worked.  Contracted Staff  - Benefits will begin on the first day of contract.  

    Will I receive a dental card?  As a policy, Aetna does not mail out dental cards.  When you visit your dentist, simply tell them your name, date of birth and Member ID (your social security number).  

    What if I really want a dental card? Click Here

    What age does a child stop being covered under our insurance? Under current law, you can keep your child(ren) on your insurance until they turn 26 years old (end of month).  Due to loss of coverage, they are eligible to purchase extended health coverage for up to 36 months under the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA).


    Michelle Adams
    Benefit Specialist
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