• After a newly approved District Mission in May 2019, district administrators spent the 2019-2020 school year engaging stakeholders in revising and updating the Continuous School Improvement Plan (CSIP).  

    According to the Missouri Department of Secondary and Elementary Education and the proposed Rule of Missouri School Improvement 6 (MSIP 6), the local school board adopts, monitors and annually reviews the implementation and outcomes of the CSIP that focuses on district performance and improvement. The CSIP guides the development and implementation of other plans such as the Building Improvement Plans (students), the Professional Development Plan (staff), and the Facilities Plan (resources). 

    The concept of continuous school improvement is embraced by the Northwest School Board and its employees.  We believe that the CSIP should be a dynamic, living document that is monitored and adjusted to meet the needs of our District and the students we serve. 

    In January, February, March, and April the Board of Education received updates on each goal and was provided an opportunity to provide input on the current draft goals and objectives. At the May Board meeting, the Board approved a final draft of Goals and Objectives in May 2021. 

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