Facility Use Procedure

  • We will be transitioning to a new Schedule Request System effective 7/1/2022.  Please do not input anything in to SchoolDude for the upcoming school year.  We will be updating the website soon.


    Thank you for considering using one of our facilites for your event.  Prior to making a request, please complete these three steps.

    • Step 1: Watch the video labled "Requesting Access to Community Use". It will walk you through how to enroll your organization and how to request access to our facilities usage website. 
    • Step 2: Enroll your organization if your organization isn't already registered with the Northwest School District
    • Step 3: Watch the video labeled "Submitting Requests in Community Use". This video will show you how to use the website to submit a facilities use request. 
    • Step 4: Submit your request by using the link underneath the "Submitting Requests in Community Use.

    Please be aware that our fees have changed effective 7/1/2016.



Requesting Access to Community Use

Submitting Requests in Community Use

Facility Use Request Website

  • Click here to access the facility use request website.