Proof of Residency Requirements

  • All students seeking admission to the District must be legal residents of the District, meet other qualifying criteria, be granted a waiver, or pay tuition. In order to “reside” within the District, the student must be physically domiciled within the boundaries. The domicile of a minor student is the domicile of the parent, military guardian pursuant to military issued guardianship, or court-appointed legal guardian. The following documentation is needed to complete the process:

    Northwest R-1 School District requires proof of residency annually for all students. As part of a continued focus on maintaining fiscal accountability for our Northwest R-1 Community.  

    The following must be followed for enrollment to be complete: 

    Provide TWO proofs of residency from the list below.  The documentation must include the parent/guardian's name, address and date.  Please note, you may only submit ONE utility bill

      • Mortgage Statement for the Residence dated within 30 days of submission.  
      • Rental/Lease Agreement signed by the landlord and tenant, dated and unexpired.  
      • Deed of Residence.
      • Closing Statement for Residence dated within 30 days of submission.  
      • ONE Utility Bill - gas, electric, water, sewer, cable or internet dated within 30 days of submission.  Final or disconnect notices will not be accepted.  
      • Real Estate Property Tax Statement dated within 1 year of submission. (personal property tax statements are not accepted)
      • Federal Court or State Court Documents dated within 30 days of submission.
      • Proof of Homeowners Insurance or Renters Insurance dated within 1 year of submission and has not expired.