• Health Room

    The Mision of Northwest Health Services is to minimize barriers to education and to educate the school community to develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Our priority is to maintain a healthy and safe learning environment.


    Services Provided

    • Medication adminstration and assistance
    • Hearing, Vision, & Dental screenings and referrals
    • Assistance with accomodations for health-related educational issues
    • First Aid & Illness Management
    • Immunization compliance and referral
    • Answers/referrals to health-related questions
    • Health education
    • Health, safety, and wellness activities for students and staff



    We are happy to announce that Northwest School District is partnering with a dentist at COMTREA to provide dental service to our students.  As a result, we will not be using Big Smiles Dental Program. The dentist will be located at the Valley Middle School and provide service two days a week.  The team will also be visiting schools through out the school year.  If additional work is needed, the work can be completed at the Valley and not have to wait until the next visit.  We feel this will provide greater service ans consistency to our students. If you need urgent or emergent dental care, please call the health office at school or call COMTREA at 636-296-6206, ext. 4420.