• Updated:  3/15/2020


    1. Open and turn on the Chromebook
    2. Connect to your home wifi
      1. Click the status bar (gray box in the bottom right hand corner) 
      2. Make sure that the Chromebook’s Wi-Fi is turned on.  The slider should be blue. If not, click it to change the setting. 
      3. A list of available networks will appear.
      4. Click on your wifi network
        (If you have your wifi set to require a password, students will need to enter it when prompted.)
    3. Student Log into Chromebook
      1. The student’s name should already appear on the device.
      2. UN:  firstname_lastname@northwestschools.net
        NOTE:  This is the student’s legal name as it appears in Infinite Campus.
      3. PW:  first initial last initial followed by the four digit birthdate  (mmddyy)
        Example:  jd052614
    4. Open Chrome Browser window 
    5. A window will appear that ask you to connect to the Northwest  proxy server
      1. UN:  student
      2. PW:  bigblue


    1. Chromebooks should hold a charge for 7-10 hours
    2. Do not let the Chromebook get below 10% battery life  
    3. Check the brick component of the charger to ensure that the light is on.  If not, check to ensure the cables are firmly connected on the charger

    Do NOT charge phones or other devices from the Chromebook. 
    This will disable your Chromebook.

    Kindergarten Only (The following only applies to the Kindergarten model Chromebook):

    1. If the Chromebook has been charged and does not turn on, please shut the device
    2. Then, plug the Chromebook directly into an electrical outlet
    3. Open the Chromebook back up
    4. The Chromebook should power up