Northwest Lions Educational Alliance For Funding (NWLEAFF)

  • Northwest Lions Educational Alliance For Funding (NWLEAFF) is a not-for-profit organization that supports and assists the Northwest School District in meeting the educational needs of area children.

    The organization's mission is to support and recognize outstanding and innovative people, organizations, and programs throughout the district which cannot be support by district funding. Thus, making it unnecessary for schools to participate in many small fundraisers. It is the organizations belief that through quality education and working in partnership with various individuals and organizations the Northwest District will have a future that defies past limitations.

    NWLEAFF offers grant and sponsorship program to support multiple areas which include, but are not limited to, Teacher Innovation in the classroom, Student Leadership inside/outside the District, and Programs geared towards working to better the community. These grants and sponsorships serve as a catalyst to: solve District and community challenges creatively, empower individuals to enhance their leadership abilities, and enable organizations-especially small/medium sized groups to explore new approaches to address district/community challenges.

    NWLEAFF raises funds through a variety of means which include, but are not limited to, contributions by both area residents and alumni who live outside the District, area business owners, fundraising events, and grants. Anyone interested in contributing to NWLEAFF can do so by mailing a check, made payable to NWLEAFF. If you have any questions regarding NWLEAFF, please contact Kathy Scharnhorst at 636-274-3969 

    PO Box 334
    High Ridge, MO  63049