• Proposition S: Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a bond issue?

    A bond issue is a common way for schools to borrow money to pay for major school capital projects. Bond proceeds can be used for capital improvements, renovations, construction, and furnishing and equipping school sites. Bond proceeds cannot be used for operating costs such as salaries, staffing, or supplies.

    What will be the cost for individual taxpayers?

    The bond issue requires no tax rate increase. The school district’s debt service levy will remain unchanged at $0.5896 per one hundred dollars assessed valuation of real and personal property.

    How is it possible to issue bonds without a tax increase? 

    The Northwest School District is in a position to ask for bonds without raising taxes. This is a result of paying off existing debts early and refinancing for better rates. Our bonding capacity allows us to take on additional debt with no tax increase. 

    If it was not for the no-tax-increase bond issue, would taxes go down?

    Not for several years. The District’s existing debt is being paid with the current debt service levy that will continue through March 2038. With the passage of this bond issue, the district’s debt service levy would only extend by five years, until March 2043.  

    What will the money be used for?

    • Fire alarm panels
    • Phone system upgrades
    • Intercom system replacements
    • Surveillance system upgrades
    • Secure entry renovations
    • Playground equipment at all elementary schools and the Early Childhood Center
    • Plumbing/restroom improvements
    • Storm drainage improvements
    • Site circulation improvements
    • Renovations and addition to Valley Middle School
    • Multipurpose addition to high school gym
    • Bus lot and facility improvements
    • Early Childhood tricycle track
    • House Springs gymnasium addition
    • Exterior classroom wing enclosures
    • Exterior gates and canopies
    • ADA lift for accessibility 

    In addition to these items, specific concerns regarding the bus garage facility, High Ridge Elementary plumbing and restrooms, along with safety and security concerns district-wide were made.

    How were long-term facilities needs determined?

    The committee is composed of parents, staff, and administration from each school, the Director of Facilities, the Director of Administrative Services, the Superintendent and members of the administrative Cabinet.  The Committee met each month from July through October 2022.

    How can I learn more?

    The District has scheduled several informational meetings regarding Proposition S. Everyone is encouraged to come and learn more. 

    What is the language on the ballot?

    Shall the Board of Education of the Northwest R-1 School District of Jefferson County, Missouri borrow money in the amount of $28,000,000 for the purposes of acquiring, renovating, constructing, furnishing and equipping school sites, buildings and related facilities as recommended by the Facilities Planning Committee, including renovations to enhance security in school entryways, upgrades and enhancements to surveillance and intercom systems, construction and reconfiguration of classrooms to adjoin main buildings for student safety, improve site circulation for buses and private transportation, expansion of athletic facilities, and installation of new playground equipment, and issue general obligation bonds for the payment thereof? If this proposition is approved, the adjusted debt service levy of the school district is estimated to remain unchanged at the current rate of $0.5896 per $100 assessed valuation of real and personal property.  

    When must I register to vote in order to be able to vote on April 4?

    Voters must be registered to vote by March 8, 2023 in order to vote on April 4, 2023. You can find more information about registering to vote, including online registration, at https://www.jeffcomo.org/279/Register-to-Vote 

    When is the election?

    Tuesday, April 4, 2023