• Below is updated information regarding MOCAP enrollment for the 2021-2022 school year.  
    NOTE:  All students will be enrolled on campus unless the steps below are followed.

Enrollment Process

  • If you would like to have your child(ren) considered for enrollment in the MOCAP virtual learning program, please complete the steps below.  

    1. Parents  must provide in writing a request to have their child(ren) be enrolled in MOCAP. Parents can send their request to onlionedu@northwestschools.net
      1. Request must include the following components.
        1. Student's Name (First and Last)
        2. Student's ID Number (This is the number they use when purchasing lunch or checking out a library book from the school library.)
        3. Grade Level for the 2021-2022 school year
        4. Parent/guardian's first and last name
        5. Email address for the parent/guardian
        6. Telephone number for the parent/guardian
    2. Upon receipt of the request, district personnel will send the parent/guardian a Google MOCAP Form to complete.
    3. Once the form has been completed, district personnel will collect the following student data. 
      1. Grades
      2. Google Meet data
      3. Participation
    4. District personnel will contact the parent/guardian to setup a meeting of all stakeholders (examples:  parents/guardians, student, principal, counselor, etc.) 
      Student's placement will be evaluated and determined on a student by student basis. 
    5. During the meeting the student data will be reviewed to determine the best educational placement for the student.  
      1. Placement Options:
        1. Enroll in-building
        2. Enroll in MOCAP
        3. Deny MOCAP enrollment - Should the district deny the MOCAP enrollment request, district personnel will have seven days to contact the parent/guardian.

Appeal Process

    1. The parent/guardian will have 7 days to file an appeal with the Northwest R-I School District Board of Education.
    2. The Board of Education will have 30 days to review the data and meeting information to make a final determination on placement.
    3. If the Board of Education determines that OnLionEdu is not the best placement for the student, the parent/guardian may file an appeal with the State Board of Education.