• OnLionEdu


    Aug. 13, 2020

    Thank you for your patience, Lion Nation, as we continue to plan for the first day of classes for OnLionEdu. In the upcoming week, you can expect to receive detailed information about OnLionEdu orientation, virtual teacher and class placement, class expectations, supply pickup, and specific information around your child’s virtual classroom schedules and expectations.

    Please see the OnLionEdu supply list as you prepare for your child. 

    NOTE: If your child signed up for OnLionEdu they will not be on a hybrid schedule as the in-person students; they will remain an OnLionEdu student.

     Senate Bill 603 (2018) and House Bill 1606 (2018) created new requirements for local school districts related to virtual education and access to these courses. The Northwest R-I School District has developed a system in order to be in compliance with these new laws. Beginning in January 2019, any student in kindergarten through 12th grade enrolled in the Northwest R-I School District who meets the eligibility requirements may opt to take a course(s) virtually.  Thus the birth of OnLionEdu

    OnLionEdu will begin enrolling students for virtual education beginning  July 20, 2020.  Students who enroll at OnLionEdu must commit to at least one quarter for elementary students and one semester for students grades 6-12.  Families at high risk for serious illness from COVID-19 may choose this option for their student; however, this is an option for any student in the Northwest R-1 School District who would like to learn in a virtual setting.

    If families choose to participate in OnLionEdu, the student will remain a Northwest R-I student.  If a family chooses OnLionEdu, students will access courses taught through an online platform.  The online platform is aligned to Missouri Learning Standards and taught by a Missouri Certified Teacher.  The guidelines of virtual learning are similar to that of the traditional school day.  Students will receive synchronous and asynchronous virtual instruction and opportunities for independent practice using online software. The virtual option has a balance of paper-pencil tasks and computer-based assignments. Students will be engaged in learning for 6 hours daily. Students must commit to the virtual learning option for the entire 9-week grading period for grades K-5 and 18-week grading period for grades 6-12.  Grades will align with in-building instruction;  K-5 Standards Based Grading and grades 6-12  will use  A, B, C, D, & F grading scale