Is Online Learning for Me?

  • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

    I am motivated to learn.

    • I ask lots of questions as I learn.
    • I think a lot about the things I am learning.
    • I make connections between what I am learning and my own interests.
    • I have thought about how taking an online course will help me reach my personal learning goals.

    I have independent learning skills.

    • I am comfortable learning in an environment where learners take responsibility for their own learning processes.
    • I am comfortable waiting for up to 24 hours for responses from my teacher and classmates.
    • I am able to devote extended time at each sitting (60 minutes or more at a time) to complete online coursework.
    • I am able to devote 20-40 hours of time each week to my online learning.
    • I can prepare and study for exams on my own.
    • I am not a procrastinator.

    I have good communication skills.

    • I regularly reach out to my teachers when I need help.
    • I am comfortable communicating with my teacher online through emails and messages versus regular face-to-face contact.
    • I am an average to above average reader.

    I am organized.

    • I do most of my assignments without adults having to remind me.
    • I manage my time well.
    • I pay attention to deadlines.
    • I make a plan when I have lots of things to do so I can get it all completed.
    • I am good at setting goals and keeping them.

    I have basic technical skills.

    • I can use basic word processing software.
    • I can upload and download documents.
    • I read directions and view all of the information provided to me before clicking or contacting the teacher for help.

    I know how to create a good study environment.

    • When I am working on my online courses, I can avoid my cell phone and opening other browsers so I don’t get distracted.
    • I am persistent and work through problems without getting easily frustrated.
    • I can find a quiet, well-lit space to do my online coursework.

    I am a problem-solver.

    • If I face a technical issue and have a deadline to meet, I can find another way to get my work done.
      • Ex. If the internet goes out at my house, I will go to a library, a neighbor’s or friend’s house.
      • Ex. If my computer crashes, I will reach out to a friend or neighbor to borrow a device.
    • I keep trying when I am faced with challenges.
    • I have a back-up plan if something happens to my computer or my schedule suddenly changes.

    I understand basic online etiquette.

    • I consistently use online tools in positive ways.
    • I think through ideas presented before I respond online.
    • I read through the messages and posts I make to be sure they sound kind and positive before I send them.