• A student is eligibleto enroll if:

    1. The student resides in and is enrolled in the district on a full-time basis;
    2. The student has attended a public school or charter school for at least one semester immediately prior to enrolling in an OnLionEdu course;* and
    3. The enrollment is approved by the Assistant Superintendent of Secondary Education or designee.

    *A student will be excused from this requirement if he or she has a documented medical or psychological diagnosis or condition that prevented the student from attending a school in the district during the previous semester.

Students with Disabilities

  • In general, students with disabilities may enroll in OnLionEdu using the same approval process applicable to other students. However, in accordance with federal law, if a student receives special education services, the student's individualized education program (IEP) team may determine that a virtual course is not appropriate for the student even if the course has otherwise been approved. Any appeal of that decision must be made through the special education process rather than to the superintendent or designee or the Board.

    If a student who is receiving accommodations for a disability under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act (Section 504) is enrolled in a virtual course, the student's Section 504 team will determine whether any additional accommodations are necessary for the student.

Attendance and Completion

  • Students who enroll in OnLionEdu are expected to actively participate in those courses with the goal of completing the course.  Students enrolled in virtual courses are expected to complete all course requirements in the time allotted for the course.

    1. Students must log into the virtual school program within 48 hours of receiving their login credentials.
    2. Students will be deemed truant after 10 consecutive days of inactivity in their coursework.  (Attendance Regulation 2310)
    3. Students must complete 25% of coursework monthly per semester course or 25% of course for elementary after three weeks. 
    4. The Assistant Superintendent of Secondary Schools or designee will monitor the progress and success of students enrolled in OnLionEdu. The district may remove a student from a course if it does not meet the educational needs of the student. The district may terminate access to a course or refuse to allow students to enroll in a OnLionEdu if the district determines that the course is not meeting the educational needs of the students enrolled in the course.
    5. Grades/credits will be transferred from the virtual program into the district’s student management system.
      • K-5 Standards Based Grading
      • 6-12 A, B, C, D, & F Grading

    Students enrolled in a OnLionEdu course will be considered in attendance for state aid purposes in accordance with the law. A completed virtual course shall be counted as no less than 95 percent attendance for purposes of A+ eligibility.

Transfers to OnLionEdu from MOCAP Courses

  • The district will accept transfer credits students earn by successfully passing approved MOCAP courses if the course provider gives the district an official record of the completed course and the grade earned. Students who transfer to the district while enrolled in MOCAP courses will be allowed to continue enrollment in those courses even if the course provider is not one used by the district.

How do I enroll?

  • If it is determined that OnLionEdu is best for your family please read the steps below

    1. Parent/guardian must complete the OnLionEdu registration.
    2. A meeting with the parents and students will be scheduled
      • K-5 on a quarterly basis
      • 6-12 on a semester by semester basis. 
    3. Please be patient as we work through enrollment process.