Pam (Cullen) Penrose

  • Pam Cullen Penrose graduated from Northwest High School in 1973.  She then went on to, what is now, Truman University.  There she completed her undergraduate and graduate work.  She returned to Northwest as a teacher in August, 1977 and retired 31 years later in June 2008.  She taught at House Springs Middle School, Cedar Hill Middle School, and at the Valley Middle School.

    Pam received numerous awards throughout her career including the Jefferson County NEA Teacher of the Year Award in 1994, the Jefferson County NEA Teacher Advocate of the Year Award in 1989, the Jefferson County NEA Lifetime Achievement Award in 2007.  She is a two-time recipient of the Success Link Great Teaching Award and a two-time recipient of the Northwest R-I School District's Apple Award for excellence in teaching.

    What Pam strived to accomplish in her time with her students, was to pass on to them the same love for learning that she developed.  Her hope was to instill in them the drive to continue learning throughout their lives.  her dedication to her craft is what defines her as an educator.  Pam was always willing to give the extra effort to any topic she was teaching.  It was not unusual to see Pam dressed in clothing or bringing in food depicting the time period she was teaching.

James Raspberry

  • Mr. James Raspberry came to Northwest High School in 1985 to teach choir, music, guitar, and music theory.  The nominations we received for James were definitely heartfelt. 

    "Mr. Raspberry was an inspiration to so many of us, he taught us to be leaders, to reach for our goals." 

    "Mr. Raspberry impacted so many lives during his years at Northwest, my own being one of them.  I did not have a happy home life; he was there for me and kep me singing through it all."

    "I nominated Mr. Raspberry because not only did he teach me a love for everything music, he taught me true patience and understanding of diversity."

    "He was a leader who demanded respect while giving respect.  His teaching will go one for generations."

    How powerful are these statements as they speak to the caliber of instruction that begins at Northwest High School and illustrates the impact of such instruction on students throughout their lives.

    When asked what honors/awards he was most of, James responded with the Apple Award he received in 2010 and the Sweepstakes Trophy in Nashville with the choir.  He tried to challenge his students musically and professionally with their talents.  We defined him as an exceptional teacher was his love for his students and his craft.

Betty (Boemler) Schrader

  • Mrs. Betty Boemler Schrader is a shining example of a Northwest High School Alumni.  Graduating in 1966 from Northwest, she continued on to Southeast Missouri State for her Bachelor of Science degree in Business and then on to Maryville University for her Masters in Educational Processes.  Betty completed her education with an Administrative Certificate from the University of Missouri, St. Louis.

    Betty returned to Northwest in 1979 to teach business classes and became the first female principal of Northwest High School in August, 1995 until her retirement in 2003.  During this time Betty supervised the move of the high school from House Springs to the new facility in Cedar Hill.  She remained an avid support of the Alumni Association and when asked what award she was most proud of, she didn't hesitate to mention her receipt of the Apple Award she received as a principal.

    Betty felt her philosophy of teaching came down to a desire to develop an employable skill for her students.  Not just in business, but in life.  As a principal, she perceived herself as a "rule follower" and projected that philosophy in her position as head principal.