2017 Educator Inductees
  • Dr. Thomas Gosebrink  -  Jeanne Rothermel  -  Jim White


Dr. Thomas Gosebrink

  • Dr. Gosebrink spent 2000 to 2010 enjoyably and productively working with Linda Dougherty as a librarian at Northwest High School. Their efforts focused on promoting literacy, especially in the age of the Internet media literacy and the exploding use of social media. With professional development opportunities as well as collaborative efforts with teachers and their classes they were able to communicate new information about media literacy issues with colleagues at the high school and professional librarians in the district. A generous budget supported extensive upgrading of the library’s print (lots of new, fresh books) and electronic resources. The great kids, the excellent faculty and the supportive administration all contributed to Tom’s positive Northwest High experience. Librarians, teachers, library workers and the students who came to the library also had fun. Tom was a great storyteller faculty and students alike loved to visit him in the library and listen to his interesting stories.

    After Tom’s retirement in 2010, he continued teaching the American Politics and Film course every spring semester at St. Louis University.

    Tom’s education includes a BA from Rockhurst College in Kansas City, a master’s degree from UCLA, a PhD in political science from St. Louis University, [and extensive course in library science from University of Missouri]. After college, he served in the United States Peace Corps in Ethiopia and later in the US Army. Work experience before Northwest includes college and high school teaching, political consulting and community and economic development positions, including a stint as deputy director of the Port Authority of St. Louis.

    Tom’s wife Jean also is a librarian. Their adult son Henry lives in Seattle.

Jeanne Rothermel

  • One need look no further than her resume to recognize Jeanne Rothermel‘s passion for the well-being of students.

    After beginning her education career in 1983 in Cape Girardeau, Jeanne soon found herself in Columbia, Missouri a year later being hired “on the spot” at an interview when she agreed to be a cheerleading sponsor.

    Eventually, Jeanne took a position as a special education teacher at Northwest High School where she served until 1994, with six of those years fulfilling the duties of Department Chair. In 1994, Jeanne assumed the newly-created title of Special Education Process Coordinator, a role she filled until 2007 when she took on the role of Director of Special Education, the position she filled until her retirement in 2013.

    During those years, Jeanne received two Apple Awards, a Governor’s Council on Disability Inclusion Award, as well as the Jefferson County Counselor’s Association Advocate of the Year Award in 2012.

    These days, Jeanne spends her time working for the St. Louis Regional Professional Development Center as a Special Education Compliance Consultant continuing to put both her immense talent and heart to continued use for students in the area.

Jim White

  • Retired educator Jim White has called various places home; Piedmont, Missouri, where he was born; Cape Girardeau, where he earned a B.S. in Biology, and even Central America where he spent his time in the Army working as a reporter in Panama, Equador, Costa Rica, and Colombia. Still, Jefferson County, and the Northwest School District, in particular will always fondly claim him as their own. Just ask the Public Water District No. 8 on whose board he has served for three decades!

    Having served as Department Chair of the Northwest High School Science Department, Jim was recognized during his tenure as a grant recipient from the Missouri Coalition for the Environment as well as chosen as just one of 18 teachers from the bi-state area to study energy issues thanks to Ameren and Peabody. His honors and accolades are numerous and varied. In fact, Jim may be one of the few people who can claim to be the recipient of both an Apple Award and an Army Commendation Medal.

    Jim, no doubt, would list his greatest accomplishment to be something much closer to home, his family. Married for 50 years, he and his wife, Mary Ann have two sons Mike and David. Mike, his wife Jeanette and their son Ethan live in the area. David and his wife Amy live in Nashville.

    Having already visited all 50 states, Jim now enjoys tinkering with antique gasoline engines from the early 20 th Century. He is a proud member of the ILL-MO Tractor Engine Club and has penned multiple articles and even a restoration manual.

    Jim’s influence over the Science Department did not end with his retirement in 1995 as his son, Mike, now holds the position of Department Chair, no doubt making his father infinitely proud.