• What is the danger zone around a school bus? 


    The Danger Zone is the space all around the school bus.  It extends out 10 feet (10 giant steps) in all directions.  The School Bus Driver cannot see you in this zone.  He or she cannot see you around the wheels either.  It is very dangerous to be in the Danger Zone. 


    If you have to cross the road; 


    a.  Make eye contact with the driver.


    b.  Wait for the driver to signal you when it is safe to cross.


    c.  Be sure it is safe - Look left, right, then left again .



    Danger Zone for Bus


    Where should I stop when I see a school bus with red lights flashing and stop paddle out? 


    Whenever you see the alternating flashing red lights on a school bus, you must stop if you are on a two-lane roadway... 

    two lane bus stop

     ...or you are on a multiple-lane roadway and you are traveling in the same direction as the bus.


    four lane bus stop