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     The Writing Center at NHS


    MONDAY          6:55 am  -  2:55 pm

    TUESDAY         6:55 am  -  2:55 pm

    WEDNESDAY    8:20 am  -  2:55 pm

    THURSDAY       6:55 am  -  2:55 pm

    FRIDAY             6:55 am  -  2:55 pm


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    Teachers, would you like to bring a Sherpa or two into your classroom as added resources in your writing instruction? 

    If so, we would be glad to help. Simply click below to book, and our Sherpa(s) will arrive with all the materials and help your students would find waiting for them in the Writing Center itself.







    Sunday - Thursday Nights 

    7pm - 9 pm


    How it Works:

    1. E-mail writingcenter@northwestschools.net

    2. Wait for a response

    3. Once contacted, share your document (as "Can Comment" -- in the pencil drop-down menu)

    4. Communicate through the "Comments" attached to your paper


    Sherpa Jr.


    Now our Word Sherpas are available to help students of Valley Middle and Woodridge Middle Schools:



    SUNDAY                                                                                 7pm-9pm

    MONDAY            6:55 am  -  2:55 pm       and                       7pm-9pm

    TUESDAY           6:55 am  -  2:55 pm       and                       7pm-9pm

    WEDNESDAY     8:20 am  -  2:55 pm       and                       7pm-9pm

    THURSDAY        6:55 am  -  2:55 pm       and                       7pm-9pm

    FRIDAY             6:55 am  -  2:55 pm


    Any time during the above hours, simply e-mail our team, and the first available Word Sherpa will be in touch right away to help you with your questions.


    Woodridge students,  e-mail:            writingcenterwms@northwestschools.net

    Valley students, email:                      writingcentervms@northwestschools.net




    Where is It?               Room 250 (Upper Red Hallway -- by the bathrooms) 


    What is It?                 A peer-staffed service resource for ALL students wanting help with a written work for ANY class, at ANY stage of the Writing Process                                     for papers, speeches, presentations, or any other writing-related assignment.



    • Brainstorm, discuss, and organize ideas as well as working on research strategies and documentation during the PRE-WRITING stage
    • Develop styles of composition as well as address grammatical errors/concerns during the DRAFTING stage
    • Assist students in self-evaluation of written efforts via proofreading and analysis with regard to objectives, execution during the REVISION stage
    • Work on editing and proof-reading strategies during the EDITING stage

    Who Can Use It?       Any student, at any level, of any degree of ability or comfort with regard to writing for any class. In other wordsEVERYBODY!




    Mission Statement:

    Our goal is to help writers, of all ages and varying degrees of ability, to understand that each piece of writing is a process – a journey not a destination. It is during this process when the skills of both communicating existing ideas and discovering new ones are refined, strengthened, and implemented by the hands of courageous writers under the eyes of attentive readers.


    Something Good in the Making…