• Head Lice Information and Resources 

    Regulation 2895 

    Please consult with School Nurse regarding treatment options. School nurses are up-to-date on current evidence practices.  

    Health service staff encourage parents to check their children weekly for signs of active lice. The pros of parent checks at home  are many,  to name a few;

    • Parents have more time to check one child versus Nurse checking a classroom of 20 students, therefore a more thorough check can be accomplished at home
    • Home checks do not disrupt educational time for the entire classroom 
    • Evidence supports most lice transmission is in the community not at school and parents have knowledge of their child's routines, playmates, sleep-overs. etc. 
    • If active lice are found, it is emotionally easier to handle for the student, parent and family.  Other family members can be checked, treatment can begun immediately. 
    • Evidence supports, by the time Lice are found in the classroom on a student, that student has probably had lice for a month or longer, checking at home weekly increases the chances of early detection and quicker treatment

    If parents need help in identifying or they are unsure if their child has an active case of head lice  please contact the Nurse or Healthroom Assistant at your child's school, they would be happy to check your student, and offer resources for treatment.  

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