Facility Use Procedure

  • Thank you for considering using one of our facilites for your event.  Prior to making a request, please complete these three steps.

    • Step 1: Watch the video labled "Requesting Access to Community Use". It will walk you through how to enroll your organization and how to request access to our facilities usage website. 
    • Step 2: Enroll your organization if your organization isn't already registered with the Northwest School District
    • Step 3: Watch the video labeled "Submitting Requests in Community Use". This video will show you how to use the website to submit a facilities use request. 
    • Step 4: Submit your request by using the link underneath the "Submitting Requests in Community Use.

    Please be aware that our fees have changed effective 7/1/2016.



Requesting Access to Community Use

Submitting Requests in Community Use

Facility Use Request Website

  • Click here to access the facility use request website.