• Three Award Categories

    1. Athletic Hall of Fame
    2. Distinguished NHS Alumni
    3. Distinguished NWRI Educator

Award Criteria

  • Athletic Hall of Fame

    Nominees will be NHS graduates who have been out of school at least ten years and who were;

    • selected to the First All-State Team or were State Champion
    • selected to the Second All-State Team or placed second in state
    • set and held a NHS record for five years or longer
    • selected to the All-Metro First Team
    • finished in the top six in the state multiple times
    • received All-Conference honors
    • received All-District honors
    • excelled at the collegiate level

    (NOTE:  nomination criteria is not listed in weighted order.)

    Distinguished NHS Alumni

    Nominees will have graduated from NHS at least ten years prior to selection and will be evaluated for;

    • excellence, accomplishments and recognition in their fields
    • continuing contributions to the Northwest schools 

    Distinguished NWRI Educator

    Nominees will be retired Northwest R-I School District teachers or administrators who;

    • had a significant and lasting impact on the lives of their students
    • retired from Northwest school at the end of his/her teaching career

    NOTE:  Posthumous nominations will be considered.

  • Athletic Hall of Fame

    Andy Guethle
    Jack Morrison
    Christina Winkler

    Brian Boehringer
    Stan Nelson
    Debbie Stark

    Tom Clardy
    Ed Garrett
    Kristi (Snell) Lee

    Distinguished Alumni

    Susie Lipton Adams, PhD
    Will Nance
    Robert Yarbrough, PhD

    Captain J.L. Cummins
    Dennis Fuchs
    Victoria (Goad) James

    Kathleen (Holtgrewe) Weber
    Lynda (Bobbitt) Burgman
    Nelson Weber

    Distinguished Educator

    Barb Gilcrease
    Grace Self
    Don Gilespie

    Pam (Cullen) Penrose
    James Raspberry
    Betty (Boemler) Schrader

    Paul Haug
    Tom Orear
    Sherri Talbott