• Technology Mission Statement: The Northwest School District will utilize technology as a tool to support and accelerate the development of life-long learners and the efficiency of administrative systems throughout the District. To this end, the District will provide professional development for all teacher and staff preparation, applying District resources equitably, and provide adequate technical support for all students and staff.

    ISP proposal address is 4300 Gravois Road, House Springs, MO 63051
    The ISP proposal is for a 1G line to the above address.
    All equivalent equipment will be evaluate the same as the equipment listed in the RFP.
    If any vendor wants to make a site visit they may call (636)692-0463 to schedule one.
    In the proposal 1.7 “Include upstream vendor information” is asking for any vendor you will use for internet services. I.E. if you are using another company to pipe our data across the internet we would like to know who you are using.
    We will be using 1GB network connections
    In the proposal 6.1 “Cost of pricing of proposed services” is asking for the price for a 1GB line of capacity.
    In the proposal 4.2 “Confirmation to fill out all E-rate funding forms in a timely manner” is asking the vendor to agree to fill out their forms for E-rate funding. Northwest R1 will fill out its own forms and will never ask a vendor to do this for us.
  • Central Office
  • Valley Middle School
  • Woodridge Middle School
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